A sneak-peek into my machine lab at college


Whispering into my journal

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To go sit next to my desk and record my thoughts and feelings in private audio files has been my ideal way to journal so far. Ideal being something that only happens in a perfect universe, aka not in this one...

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To Orion

The Orion’s belt, and the constellation of Orion, are a very familiar shape in the night sky. When I was eighteen, I used to study in the room we had upstairs and come August, I’d have the hunter in sight...

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The Cats I Met

I have not been a cat person. Or rather, I did not know that I was a cat person. That too for a long time. The last time anyone had a cat around me was when I was too young; too long ago to remember anything. And in a small town where I live, you only see the ones that are very feral. Does that make sense? The dark gray cats...

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