To Orion

Drawing of the Orion constellation on the cover of my list journal.

The Orion’s belt, and the constellation of Orion, are a very familiar shape in the night sky. When I was eighteen, I used to study in the room we had upstairs and come August, I’d have the hunter in sight.

The first time when I saw the constellation, I had looked up the names of all the stars in it by the very next day. I had them memorized, and I could just point at them and say, in Ford Prefect’s1 excited tone of voice, “Those are Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka. And see that reddish star? That’s Betelgeuse. It may actually blow up and become a supernova within a hundred thousand years. Crazy, isn’t it?!”

This little incident led me to act on my curiosity in a purely recreational manner, something that is still very exciting to me; I crave to be able to stay up late in the cold winter nights, wrapped in a comfy shawl to, as they say, look up and wonder at my place among the stars.